You might notice that I didn't get to a post yesterday.  I just couldn't get it together and I knew that it would not be earth shattering if I waited until today:)

I still have the rest of the showhouse pictures [which I will get to next week] for you guys who don't live in the area and can't go.

Yesterday I had to go outside of my one mile radius so I hit up Dixon Rye....another favorite retail store.

Brad Odem [who was formerly with West Elm and J Crew] opened his place a few years ago and it has quickly become a destination for inspiration.

I am drawn to his slightly masculine look throughout and while I was there I took some pictures to inspire you!

This chair was the first thing I saw when I walked through the door..... I am all over blue and black right now and this large graphic print made me a little tingly:)

Who doesn't love an unusual take on a wing chair!

And this stitching made it even more special.

We all know that if you throw an interesting chair in a room it can elevate it up to "perfection" status right?

I love birds and plates so this combo is a win win!

Raise your hand if you think I love this little pillow situation.

Velvet pillows are all the rage now....they add so much texture to a space.

Everything....including the sculpture, the art and that black desk could be on my Christmas list.

I started crying for my Mommie when I stumbled across these walls plus the light fixtures and that layered bedding....on freaking point.

These vases.....

Some tablescaping for you

I am not sure what this is but I love it.

I decided to treat myself to a pretty candle while I was there.  The container is metal and that's what got me.

Yesterday I delivered this tufted leather Lee Industries ottoman to a mancave.....[not styled up yet]

Actually since they have 2 kids it's more like a "babycave" and this had to be kid friendly with no sharp edges!

Of course when I am out shopping for accessories it's kind of like "one for you and one for me"...ha ha.   I stumbled upon these black and white antlers and well...the next thing I knew they were in my car.

I also ran across this carpet sample from Bellbridge Carpets and talk about perfection.

I might need this because it matches Cami!

Hope you guys have a great week is crazy.  Discover ADAC and I am going to the mart to finally meet Linda who started the ORC!

Kind of excited about that!



Alrighty then...are you ready for another showhouse?  I think there are about 5 a year around here and the Serenbe and Cashiers fall fairly close to each other.

I really don't know how these designers do it....if I had to throw a showhouse in my schedule it would send me over the edge:)  

I'm fragile like that.  And then there is the fact that you are putting your work out there for all to judge.

At least when you have clients and limitations you have an excuse.....haha

This room was by Nina Nash and Don Easterling.

I just showed this Sister Parish fabric to how it looks made into curtains!

Right around the corner was this bar/bathroom Patrick and Meghan Sharp

Love the Schumacher wallpaper.....

And hello perfect rug.

Stripe wallpaper.....I think Thibaut.

Y'all know this space spoke to me with all the black and white right!

At the top of the stairs was this perky laundry space....more awesome Thibaut wallpaper!

 Chris Holt Interiors

I really love how Chris layers his patterns.....

Right off this bedroom was a cute outdoor space....

Seeing lots of green and blue spaces and I have to say I really like it!

Um....those sheets right!

Jennifer Healey Interiors

Are you wowed?  Do you have a favorite space?

Guess what?  There was another whole house.

Yup.....not lying.  

So there is more for another day.

If you are local you NEED to go [open thru October 8th].  Serenbe is a great day trip....about an hour from Atlanta.

On another note.....

This is getting delivered for a client today so stay tuned!


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