Hey y'all......what a week!  We decided to try and go to Florida tomorrow since our condo is vacant and you know what that means......nope.....I am not putting on a bathing suit silly people.

It means I had to get a shit ton completed this week.  I packed in 8000 client meetings....a presentation and today hopefully I will get all my paperwork done.


So let's recap.

Had a meeting with my first One Room Challenge client! They are moving to a new house and we are ordering a few things in preparation for that!

I did this back in 2012 and for real she has not changed one thing!

My kind of client:)

I also had coffee with artist and blogger Blayne Beacham Macauley.  I am doing a room in the Atlanta Magazine Home showhouse down in Pinewood Forrest [yes it has 2 r's] and she and I are collaborating on a piece of art for my space!  She was the sweetest and we had a great talk.....

I love her range.....

Look at this awesome piece she installed in one of Melanie Turners projects!

In Atlanta you can see her art at Anne Irwin Fine Art on Miami Circle or get in touch with her!

She knew better than to ask me what my colors were:)

Here was the groundbreaking....

I have been busy scratching my head to figure out what to do as I actually have the tower which is basically 2 spaces!  Ugh.....

We will see if I can pull this off.

I spent a lot of time at ADAC looking for fabrics to complete my presentation and ran across this wall treatment!

You know that appealed to my addiction!

I also stopped by a project to see some of the tile applications....

And if you missed this on Instagram....there is some good stuff happening over at Target!

It might not appear I did that much but there was a lot of trivial crap that know behind the scenes stuff like curtain install gone wrong.....etc.  Ah....the joys of design!

So we are going to get one of those epic Atlanta spring weekends with temps in the 70's.  Hopefully the weather will be good at the beach:)



Y'all I went to get an updated headshot the other day.....and I have to say it was right up there with trying on bathing suits. 

It's one thing to look in the mirror everyday and pretend that you still look 40 and a complete reality check to see your face right there on the big screen in all it's "oldness".......

So I went to this guy and he was good and all but when I was looking at them I felt like I looked like a "banker" [no offense to bankers] but that is just not me.  

I then called a friend of mine Tina Rowden [cause she used to do a lot of weddings and I thought she would be able to make me look like Cindy Crawford]  and she definitely captured my personality but still....why can't I just use the one I had taken 10 years ago....

A few weekends ago my friend Michael Ladisic was having a breakfast at his house for the Shutze winners.

I was there all day on Saturday zhushing that puppy up!

You remember this one right?  Yeah I like to pretend it's my house when I'm there....but of course there is that one small problem.....of his wife :)

This is the courtyard.....

The committee had beautiful flowers everywhere!


Beautiful kitchen designed by Matthew Quinn.

If you remember they have 4 girls.....this is her closet where I hung all the family pictures!

Every pillow was perfect and all throws were casually thrown in their places as if they are always that way:)

Then it was over and I had to go back to my little cottage.....

And....the very best thing that happened to me all week is this....

My nephew and his wife had a baby.  I can't look at this picture without crying.....he lived with me for 3 years while in collage and I am so proud of the man he has become.



You know how every 2 weeks the stores like Gap, Banana Republic....etc bring in all new merchandise and change out the front of the store to get you in there and start buying?

Well it happens in the design industry also only 2 times a year....spring and fall!

I was at ADAC the other day scouring for fabrics....just looking for that perfect piece to complete the plan and I saw some great new stuff coming out from Lee Jofa.

If you are a designer and you can't get to the design center.....or just a "plain person" who needs to call your designer and demand one of these wonderful fabrics or wallpaper then this post is for YOU!

Let's start with Kelly Wearstler because we all love her right?

You know these above are my favorite right?

How about some fabulous trims!

Gah!....I love these!

Next up are some great wallpapers from Kelly

The popular Channels wallpaper is out in different color-ways!

Do you see any you like?

 Little puppies :)

The one above is all over the internet in black and white!

Yesterday I was on a panel at ADAC for Digital Day along with Holly from The English Room and Linda..... the brains.... from The One Room Challenge speaking about social media!  Looking at this picture I am shocked how blonde I am....Crikey!

A friend told me about this great Dogfood!  I think I will try it for Cami.

Spent a few hours at Circa Lighting picking all the light fixtures for a new project.....stay tuned!

That was my week....hope you guys have a great weekend....


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